Beautiful WordPress themes

wp-header-logoWith the INTERNETSTACK THEME, you can quickly design and customise your website to match your brand and identity. Why choose an out-of-the-box Premium WordPress theme if it doesn’t match your brand?

Instead, we give you the tools to build a website in less than five minutes, with a fully customisable theme that combines some of the most beautiful design elements from around the web.

One theme, millions of possibilities

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Brand management

With our theme customiser, you have full control over your brand - customise every aspect of your website header title and tagline, spacing and alignment.



Automatic colour palettes

We’ll automatically analyse the most common colours in your logo and make these available in the theme colour palettes – making it easy to manage your brand and identity. You’ll no longer need to remember a myriad of RGB or HEX colour codes.

Stunning headers

Completely customise the header background and apply shadow effects. We even make it easy to upload and apply effects and rounded borders to photographs for resume websites.

It’s easy to design your header and make a bold impression.


Page layout and backgrounds

Quickly configure the page layout – either widescreen or fixed with. Also manage page colours and highlights – including popular backgrounds from Subtle Patterns to give you access to beautiful design capabilities with minimal effort.

Content styles

Choose from a selection of popular webfonts and save time by testing and previewing different font styles directly in the browser.


Collapsible sections

Many themes and plugins include collapsible content – usually leveraging complex DIV elements that need to be manually coded.

We take this one step further – using Heading 4 (Sections) and Heading 5 (Subsections). Not only is this more intuitive for the author, but results in better coding practice and also improves search engine optimisation as there is no need for nested code.

Show me how

Feature panels

Insert a Feature Panel with the click of a button. By calling out key information using Feature Panels, you will be able to highlight important details and engage your visitors.

Furthermore, Feature Panels are a great way to break up lengthy pages, without compromising the quality of your content.



Easy contact forms

Inserting a contact form couldn’t be easier.

Of course, if you need advanced options you can customise Field Titles, allow users to upload Attachments such as images or documents and change the Email Address where enquiries will be received.

Revitalise with icons

By incorporating the world’s best icons from Font Awesome which are built right into our theme’s content editor, you’ll be able to engage visitors with strong visuals and make your content really stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, because Font Awesome icons are built using webfont technology, you’ll know they’ll look stunning on high-resolution devices such as iPhone 5S and iPad Retina.


Great looking buttons

No matter your style, there’s a button style for you. Stop pushing your buttons and start customising instead.

Customise your button colours, gradients, font sizes, text colours, shadows, metallic effects and more!

Menu layouts

Easily design your menu layout and colours – we know best practice when it comes to user experience. That’s why we have built a theme menu layout which conforms to popular usability standards.


Mega menus

With Mega Menus, users can more effectively navigate around your website. Mega Menus may be able to improve navigation and overall usability – we’ve made it easy to implement at the flick of a switch.

Easily upload featured images which display alongside descriptive text which provides more context to your users for each menu item.

Beautiful galleries

Our image gallery has been carefully developed to provide users with a sharp, clean, minimalist design.

If you choose to link full-size photographs as well, then a beautiful fullscreen gallery slider will appear. Our gallery also looks great on mobile and tablet devices such as iPhone and iPad.


Smart lists

It’s never been easier to stylise lists. Stop using boring bullet-points and make your lists meaningful with Process Layouts, Block Layouts, Ticks or Arrow list styles.

Social Media links

If you’re serious about your online presence, then you’ll be serious about social media. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to add social media links on your website.

Furthermore, you can customise the colour, style and size of social media icons – so you have full control whether you want to make it bold or subtle.



Google and Social Media integration

Control what appears on Google search result descriptions by crafting your own Summaries for pages and blog posts.

Summaries will also appear in popular Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you upload featured images for your pages or blog posts, we’ll make sure these are easily integrated with your social media posts.

Banner sliders

Showcase your best products with a responsive slider that takes advantage of modern CSS3 transitions.


Beautiful blogs

Impress your readers with clean, beautiful blog layouts. With our theme, your blog articles will always look fantastic.

Mobile responsive

Your website will look great on mobile and tablet devices with our fully responsive theme. Make it easy for your visitors to navigate your website on an iPad or iPad – mobile responsive design is built right into the core of our theme, so it’s available immediately.