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Beautiful websites

From as little as $470, we can help you setup, configure and design your own website – with fully responsive design for desktop, table or mobile devices.

  • Small-to-medium-business websites
  • Resume websites for individuals
  • Trades and professional services

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 Manage your domain.

All domains registered with us come with DNS zone management, domain redirection and email forwarding.

 Speed up with Anycast.

Websites load faster, as our distributed network eliminates the latency for DNS queries from other countries. Learn more.

 Secure your brand.

Even if you don’t have a website, you can still reserve as many domains as you’d like to protect your brand. View the rules.

 Switch to cloud hosting.

Our clustered, high burst web hosting easily handles traffic spikes and any server failure by leveraging the power and logic of multiple servers working together to serve your website. See our plans.

 Balance your load.

We pride ourselves on reliable hosting and invest heavily in infrastructure to ensure servers are stable and so that requests to your website are distributed across multiple servers.

 Bundle it with email.

Cloud web hosting comes with email which you can access on any computer or smartphone. Webmail also comes with an enterprise grade anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing software.